Top 7 most beautiful beaches in Halong Bay

Top 7 most beautiful beaches in Halong Bay

There is no shortage of extraordinary things to do in Halong Bay. From the scenery to activities, the stunning place has all to serve you. 

If you're looking for beautiful beaches for your upcoming trip to Halong Bay, then you're in the right place. Because swimming is one of the most favourite activities there, choosing a gorgeous beach for relaxation is the top concern of major of tourists. 

We will suggest you the 7 most gorgeous beaches which can make your holiday memorable. 

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Top gorgeous Halong Bay beaches

  1. Quan Lan Beach
  2. Bai Dai Beach
  3. Bai Chay Beach
  4. Van Chay Beach
  5. Tuan Chau Beach
  6. Tra Co Beach
  7. Ti Top Beach

Quan Lan Beach

Located in Bai Tu Long Bay, Quan Lan beach is a beautiful beach with the majestic wilderness, and will certainly be the ideal place for this summer travel.

Quan Lan beach possesses a poetic beauty with fine white sand and blue water, blue waves in a peaceful space, where the tourists can have a great relaxation. Thanks to its stunning beauty, Quan Lan always attracts lots of tourists, especially for visitors who love swimming and camping. Most recently, Quan Lan beach was awarded the Vietnam Beach Tourism Association as a favourite tourist destination.

Bai Dai Beach

As one of the beaches named in the list of beautiful beaches of the North, Bai Dai (Van Don) attracts visitors by the pristine and romantic scene.

Bai Dai beach

Bai Dai beach

Situated on the beautiful Bai Tu Long Bay, Bai Dai beach stretches for nearly 2km, with a soft sandy beach and clear water which can see through the bottom. Coming here in summer, the visitors can stroll along the coast to hear the waves fluttering and watch the marine life of Bai Tu Long Bay.

In addition, to serve the needs of tourists, the resort in Bai Dai has also provided with many sports on the beach, such as beach volleyball, kayaking, water motor and entertaining games such as karaoke and tennis.

With the romantic scenery, the wooden pier is one of the highlights of Bai Dai Beach, which is an indescribable place for couples to take wedding photography.

Van Chay Beach

As one of the Co To’s most beautiful beaches, Van Chay beach is located 6km from the centre of Co To town, which a lot of the tourists choose to come here from the mainland.

With the long and smooth sandy beach and big waves up to 2 - 3m, Co To is suitable for sea sports like football and volleyball.

After the exciting activities in the early morning, you can relax with a glass of coconut juice and watch the sunset on Co To island. Sunset here will give you the feeling of absolute peace and relaxation.

Bai Chay Beach

Bai Chay beach

Bai Chay beach

As a large and beautiful artificial beach located close to the shores of Halong Bay, far away from the Bai Chay Bridge. Bai Chay beach is one of the interesting options when traveling to Halong. Around the beach area, a system of trees and tents create a lively landscape for the beach. The services here are relatively cheap rates compared to services in Halong.

In addition, the beach is equipped with a lot of convenient services such as free wifi, bath amenities, sunblock team or ocean bar for fast food and drinks. The lounge has many seats so that the visitors can watch the sea or read the favorite books in a peaceful space.

Moreover, the items such as the guest cabling system, high-speed roller coaster, the giant sun lounger, and some entertainment items will be completed by investors in the near future to satisfy the needs of the visitors.

Tuan Chau Beach

Tuan Chau beach

Tuan Chau beach

Known as one of the most gorgeous beaches in Halong Bay, Tuan Chau beach attracts both domestic and foreign tourists on weekends.

Located on the grounds of Tuan Chau Resort, the beach is quite clean, sprayed with fine white sand to create a large space for the collective activities.

Coming here, tourists can admire Halong Bay and see the meticulous beauty of the resort crafted by human hands. Tuan Chau beach is considered as the most beautiful beach in Halong City. The ideal time to swim in Tuan Chau is in the late afternoon when the light sun does not affect the health and visitors have the opportunity to watch the sunset of beautiful Halong Bay.

Tra Co beach

Tra Co beach

Tra Co beach

Tra Co beach is more than 15km of coastline extending from Got Cape - the landmark of the country to Ngoc Mountain (the last place of the Tra Co peninsula) forming an arc. This is the longest beach in Vietnam and is known as the "lyrical beach in Vietnam".

Tra Co beach is the outer edge of a natural accretion island due to the impact of waves and coastal currents, so the coast is the sand dunes from 3 to 4m high, with villages and residents. The shoreline is a strip of casuarinas wind and sand. Under the casuarina trees, there are long-leaved purple sea flowers. The climate in Tra Co is very pleasant.

There are very few restaurants in Tra Co beach, so if you want to enjoy fresh seafood, you can buy right on the beach when the fishing boat fishermen come back.

Ti Top Beach - Halong Bay

Ti Top beach

Ti Top beach

Ti Top Beach is located in Halong Bay, about 7-8 km south of Bai Chay.

Looking from the top of the island, Ti Top Beach is shaped like the moon gently embracing the island in the middle of the immense sea.

Surrounded by rocky mountains and green forests covered by the sea, one side of the beach is the mountain and the other side is the carpet of the ocean. Ti Top beach brings the harmony of creative hand.

Ti Top beach is an ideal place to spend your holiday. Tourists can indulge in swimming and take part in sports such as swimming, volleyball, parachuting, surfing manoeuvring, or gently sailing to the islands around the bay.

Being a famous bay in the world, near Halong Bay there are many beaches that attract a lot of attention from the tourists around the world. The quality of the beaches right now is higher than ever, making Halong Bay one of the most important destinations in Vietnam. Hopefully, in the near future, it will continue to shine as one of the best destinations for sea lovers around the world.

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