Top 4 dishes you must try in Halong Bay

Top 4 dishes you must try in Halong Bay

Besides the fabulous landscape and delightful activities, Halong Bay also attracts visitors by its stunning cuisine.

I've spent time in Halong Bay twice and had the chance to enjoy numerous different food here so that I have to say that they are worth all the extra time at the gym. 

These dishes I've picked up below ensure to satisfy your hungry stomach.

Let's dig in. 

Must-try Halong Bay seafood

  1. Seafood noodles
  2. Horseshoe crab
  3. Fried snail
  4. Mussel congee

Seafood noodle 

Seafood noodle in Halong Bay

Seafood noodle is a dish you should try first in coming to Halong. When talking about Halong Bay, tourists will think about seafood which is known as the most famous and amazing dishes in Halong Bay. However, it is also a delicious dish which is made from seafood is seafood noodle. The noodle is the most popular dish and attracts many diners in Hanoi. However, when eating in Halong, surely you will have a completely different feeling when this is a paradise of fresh seafood.

A full bowl of vermicelli or seafood fish cakes will include shrimp, surface, squid, crab meat, fish ball, and vegetables. Furthermore, the seafood noodle will be served with raw vegetables blend harmoniously between sweetness and broth with the cool taste of raw vegetables. You can easily find vermicelli shops, multi-seafood cakes. Some famous addresses for fresh and delicious seafood vermicelli that you can refer to Hai Van restaurant at the beginning of the Northeast company, Loong Toong market, Wyndham Ha Long's restaurant and so on.

Horseshoe crab

The next dish we want to introduce is horseshoe crab. In the past, people did not often eat the horseshoe crab but gradually it became a speciality at all times. Furthermore, when people process horseshoe crab, they must kill a male one by one, because it is thought that if only one is processed, they will be allergic and cold.

There are a lot of wonderful and delicious dishes which is made from the horseshoe crab, so you should enjoy all of them. However, although horseshoe crab is a delicious and healthy dish, the crab is a kind of weldable seafood so if you have a history of allergy or chills with seafood, you should not eat or eat less. The most famous address of Halong today is Sam Ba Ty in Lane 6 Cao Thang.

In the afternoon in the snack area of Ha Long 1 market, there is also a sale of sweet and sour, and fried pork quite delicious. Another well-known address is Quang Yen sam, located on the road from Halong to Hanoi. Sea sam is now quite expensive, an average sam dish costs about 150,000 VND.

Horseshoe crab

Mussel congee

Mussel congee is a famous and delicious dish in Halong Bay. Mussel congee is a very popular snack, the porridge in Ha Long is porridge cooked with mussels in the sea, so it tastes quite different from the eating porridge in Hanoi, it is a freshwater mussel, living in the river. Mussel congee is served with scallions, chopped scent, dried onions, and fragrant onions.

The location of the delicious porridge that you should visit is in Halong market 1. Furthermore, the restaurant also sells patios cakes which are also very delicious. In Halong market 2, gift areas also have a delicious porridge, which is sold for a long time. The price of each bowl of porridge has about 15,000 - 20,000 VND.

Mussel congee

Fried Snail

Certainly to Halong, you cannot ignore snails. The fried snail is a snack that is very popular among locals, popular price, only fluctuating around 35,000 VND / disc depending on the type. Eat fried snails you should go to the sidewalk shop which will bring feel more comfortable and delicious with the way of processing rustic.

Fried snail with soy sauce, lemongrass, tamarind sauce, coconut and so on is delicious and addictive.

In Halong, there are many types of snails for you to choose, the most popular are snails. You can refer to the addresses such as snail shop in the alley next to Quang Ninh museum on Nguyen Van Cu street, in this lane, there are 2 shops which are very crowded and of equal quality, mainly sold to students so the price was relatively cheap. Van Lang pavement shop, this shop is very delicious fried snail but the price is quite high compared to the common ground.

Most snail shops in Halong serve snails boiled, fried and baked. Furthermore, if you want to eat oysters, you can also enjoy them at these addresses.

Fried Snail

Hope that after the post, tourists will have full and useful information about Halong and famous dishes in Halong as well. Furthermore, if you need more information for travelling to Halong, you don’t forget to visit the website to get more useful information about Halong in particular and Vietnam in general.