Top 3 hot deals for your trip to Halong Bay

Top 3 hot deals for your trip to Halong Bay

Halong Bay in Vietnam has been well-known as the World Natural Heritage. Tourists come to the bay because of not only its dramatic landscape but also the hot deals which travel operators there offer.

Traveling in Halong Bay with the reasonable prices but still being offered the comprehensive offers must be the thing tourists would like to get. If you stop by in Halong, don’t forget to take Vietnam beach holiday to know more about the hot deals for your trip.

2-day/1-night tour to Cat Ba Island

Top 3 hot deals for your trip to Halong Bay

Cat Ba Island is one of the most tourist attractions stopping place in Halong Bay. This place attracts the attention of millions of visitors to come there. No one can deny the extraordinary beauty of Cat Ba magnificent lovely beach. Booking a 2-day-1-night tour for the family or close friends to come here and admire the seascape with the reasonable fee must be the best idea for the tourists who need to be relaxed and gain the unrivaled experience.

With this tour, visitors are in with the chance of seeing one of the most beautiful landscapes, satisfactorily taking a bath in the sea or flocking to the beach to ride the waves. Tourists also set the naked feet on the expanses of white soft sand of island paradise of Cat Ba. The traveling tour from Hanoi to Cat Ba in 2 days and 1 night will take tourists to the Cat Ba National Park, swim in the sea and have an unobstructed view of Halong Bay. This tour must be a meaningful and relaxing tour for tourists.

It will take 3 hours and a half or 4 hours to travel from Hanoi to Cat Ba. Tourists will be served lunch in the boat when reaching the traveling site at 12 pm. At 2 pm, the tour guide will take tourists to some fishing villages near the beach. Then tourists can have time to discover some famous caves like Thien Cung Cave which is one of the most beautiful caves in Halong Bay or Dau Go cave whose name attached to many legends. At 4 pm, the boat comes back the ferry and travel to Gia Luan to reach the heart of Cat Ba town. On the way, tourists will have more time to admire the scenery of Halong Bay and the marvelous way passing the Cat Ba National Park. At 5:30 pm, tourists will check in at the hotel located in the center of Cat Ba town, and swim freely at Cat Ba beach with crystal clear water, and fresh air.

Finally, tourists will have dinner at 7:00 pm in the hotel and explore the island or enjoy the seafood dishes there.

2-day/1-night tour to Co To Island

Co To Island is a group of islands which includes more than 50 islands with many different sizes. It is situated in the East of Quang Ninh province. Co To Island is the second ideal place for tourists to get the hot deal on the trip and enjoy the breathtaking landscape in Halong Bay. Visiting Co To Island enhances your chance to have a look at the outstanding coral reef – a deep-sea plant in Halong Bay. That is not all, the poetic sceneries of the island which keep the most of untouched feature making the tourists feel like getting lost in the miraculous place in Halong Bay. When exploring Co To Island, tourists can take part in the outdoor exciting activities like walking on the sand, having a bath in the sea and rowing the boat.

2-day/1-night tour to Tuan Chau Island

Top 3 hot deals for your trip to Halong Bay

Tuan Chau Island is voted to be the most outstanding island in the total of 1969 islands with various sizes in Halong Bay. Especially, Tuan Chau Island is the only island which has inhabitants in it. In this island, the Tra Co is known as the most famous with the beach of the fine white sand and the crystal-clear sea water. Here is also the place of owning the biggest artificial beach in Vietnam. Tra Co beach is the most tourist attracted destinations in Halong travel tours. With the ideal ground of sand, the place is exactly suitable for interesting activities on the beach. 2-day-1-night tour in Tuan Chau will both take tourists to the famous places in Halong and help tourists to have memorable memories after the long working days.

The trip will start early in the morning after the tourists do exercises at 6:30 am. Tourists will have breakfast in the hotel at 7:30 am and then you can enjoy the scenery, buy souvenirs or seafood at Cat Ba market. The tourist guide will take tourists to Cat Ba national park, Quan Y cave and Hoa Cuong cave at 9:00. After 2 hours, the tourist will take tourists back Gia Luan ferry to come back Tuan Chau. The tourists will have lunch at 12:00 pm at the restaurant in Halong. And the tourists will be taken back Hanoi and the trip will end at 5:30 pm.

If you visit Halong Bay and want to take an exciting and affordable trip, don’t miss the above 3 hot deals. For more information about hot deals for the trip in Halong Bay, feel free to contact us via our website Halong bay tours. Share this article if it is useful to you. Have a nice trip!