Halong Carnival - The most famous festival in Halong

Halong Carnival - The most famous festival in Halong

Halong Carnival/Carnaval is one of the most famous festivals in Halong Bay, or in Quang Ninh Province in general. This festival hosts some of the hottest entertaining shows in Vietnam during recent years in Vietnam, and has become one of the reasons that the foreign visitors keep coming back to Halong Bay.

The time of the Carnaval

Halong Carnaval usually takes place in late April, early May, and almost coincides with the holiday 30/4, 1/5 in Vietnam. At this time, the visitors enjoy the beautiful scenery and join the carnival without worrying about the rush time.

Halong Carnival - The most famous festival in Halong

There are years that the festival is head earlier and longer periods of time around the beginning or mid-April to early May. The Carnaval of Halong is the convergence of color, sound, light and the quintessence of human culture.

Note: In 2017, the festival was not held due to a major project to bolster the tourism in Quang Ninh Province in 2018.

It was replaced by another slightly smaller show called “The Shimmering Halong”.

Hopefully, in 2018, the Carnival will return and become better.

The holding place

Halong Carnaval was held in the 30th Square, Ha Long City, Quang Ninh Province, this is one of the events attracting a lot of visitors as well as the opening event for Ha Long tourism.

This Carnival has the participation of the leaders of Quang Ninh province and many visitors, making this festival more exciting and meaningful.

Note: In 2018, the Carnaval Halong was to be changed into “, but after the authority finished discussing, they agreed that the name should stay the same.

The colorful Halong Carnaval night

Carnaval Ha Long has a lot of bustling and attractive activities to the visitors. The best is the street festival with models, dancers dancing elaborately.

The festival is held in the evening, with many traditional festival like Tien Cong festival, Dao people ceremony, the wedding ceremony of the fisherman in Quang Ninh or the dancing and singing festival of San Day ethnic group.

Halong Carnival - The most famous festival in Halong

In this place, there are local and foreign artists that gather here in Quang Ninh to make such an interesting festival show that is famous to Quang Ninh visitors from all around the world.

Note: The idea of the Carnaval is to promote tourism, and promote a friendly and modern tourism space to foreign friends around the world

Aside from the carnival, there is also a music night that consists of traditional and modern music. This musical show symbols unity and harmony in everything. There are also other major activities, such as Cherry Flower Festival - Yen Tu Mai Festival, Mieu Ong Festival - Mieu Ba Festival, Bach Dang Festival, and ceremonies at the temples, pagodas. Note: There are lots of artists and actors that come from different countries such as China, Laos, Thailand, as well as many local amateur actors that participate in this carnival.

Festival of cherry flowers - Mai Vang Yen Tu was held in the city of Ha Long, this is a festival that combines the cherry blossoms of Japan, along with the golden apricot of Vietnam, creating a cultural interference with shimmering colors.

At Halong Carnaval, street parade activities with the unique dragon cars and Halong Bay parades. These parades describe the hard and passionate labor life of the fishermen in Vung Vieng Village here ... All create a night full of color, diffuse interesting and unique emotions, that anyone who came here had to admirably praise this carnival.

Note: The authorities of Quang Ninh supply most of the expenses for this carnival as a part of the integration and developing policies of Quang Ninh Province in tourism.

There is also a firework show in the night, which a lot of visitors will enjoy. In the early summer, the air is very cool, with sea breeze and cool air. The airy space and the sparkling light of the festival will create a comfortable and enjoyable space for the tourists during the festival.

Halong is one of the best destinations in Vietnam. That is a fact that is widely acknowledged by friends all around the world. When visiting Halong Bay in late April/early June, be sure to adjust your schedule to match the time of the festival. We can assure you that this festival will make your trip even more enjoyable than it already is. The festival will surely become a lasting memory in your mind for the coming years, and urge you to come back to our wonderful country very soon.

Hope you enjoy your time in Halong Bay!

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