5 Halong Bay fishing villages you must see

5 Halong Bay fishing villages you must see

Coming to Halong Bay, you have to visit one of the fishing villages below.

All of them are amazing, but each is different than each other.

All in all, they add up to the already colorful Halong Bay that is famous to foreigners who come to Vietnam.

5 must-see fishing villages in Halong Bay

  1. Cong Dam fishing village
  2. Cua Van fishing village
  3. Hoa Cuong fishing village
  4. Ba Hang fishing village
  5. Vung Vieng fishing village

Cong Dam Fishing Village

The beauty of the majestic, poetic mountains of the sea, the heart of the people in Cong Dam. This is an area of the outdoor geological museum that features a rocky park area with mountain ranges formed from overlapping rocks in a perfectly natural, but also man-made manners.

The area is home to many coral reefs, lakes in the limestone mountains and underwater caves. This is also the area with many large beaches, small white sand, with clear water.

The unique thing that the visitors encounter in Cong Dam fishing village is a small village, that retains almost all of the traditional culture of fishing. You will be satisfied when chatting with the people of fishing villages, hear them tell about memorable memories in the river life or sit on the boat by the beautiful girl fishing village paddle to take you to explore the majestic mountains and the beautiful houses.

Cua Van fishing village

Cua Van fishing village

Cua Van fishing village

When listening to the name "fishing village" everyone thought it was a village like other villages, live by fishing, located on a small island. But recently, the fishing village is made up of rowing house built on the sea, there are also houses on the cliffs, or in the middle of the sea ... Today, the inheritance of Ha Long Bay heritage is the life of the Cua Van fishing village. Unlike land life, all activities of people here associated with waterways.

Cua Van fishing village has its origins in two fishing villages, Giang Vo and Truc Vong, along with the islands, becoming an integral part of Ha Long Bay, now part of Hung Thang Ward (Ha Long City). Cua Van fishing village is home to many households living by fishing. The fishing village is surrounded by a large natural landscape, rocky mountains, deep sea, and blue sky.

Cua Van fishing village is an attractive destination for visitors both local and abroad by peaceful but gentle scenery, but attracting the curiosity of the visitors by the floating cultural center - is the model of the cultural center floating head The fishing community is built in Vietnam to preserve and preserve cultural values of fishing villages through traditional activities as well as exchanges between the community and visitors.

Hoa Cuong Fishing Village

Halong bay fishing village with crab fish market, seafood market, the introduction of aquaculture techniques, supplies, and catering services.

Ba Hang Fishing Village

Located in Hung Thang commune, Ha Long city, Ba Hang fishing village is a floating village floating on the sea with about 50 households living. Travel here you will certainly be surprised because nature here is extremely wild and simple.

Ba Hang fishing village

Ba Hang fishing village

The name is called Ba Hang because when the tide up and down, some caves will appear at the same time floating and sinking, then the boat can travel often through the cave is quite similar to Tam Coc, Bich Dong at Ninh Binh. You can sail by yourself at the foot of the rocky mountains that have been created over thousands of years of history. Or you can rent Halong boats to go around the fishing village which is very interesting. When the tide goes down, 3 caves will appear fully accessible to the visitors who want to pass it.

Ba Hang attracts many tourists not only by the peaceful atmosphere but also by the charming landscape and the life itself of the fishing village.

At night, when the visitors are fishing with the villagers, the visitors can enjoy the experience of dropping fishing nets by themselves.

Night squid fishing in Halong Bay is also a very enjoyable experience to enjoy the delicious seafood caught by yourself, especially in the cool fresh air, it will be interesting experiences on the journey of exploring tourism in Ha Long Quang Ninh.

Vung Vieng fishing village

Vung Vieng fishing village

Vung Vieng fishing village

Vung Vieng is a large floating village with long-standing inhabitants living in the northeast. Located 1 hour from the mainland cruise from Bai Chay port, Vung Vieng is the second largest fishing village on Ha Long Bay after Cua Van fishing village. With unique features in the landscape, customs and tourism services, Vung Vieng is increasingly attracting domestic and international tourists with a new type of tourism - travel experience.

Vung Vieng fishing village is a unique community with 68 households living along the island fringes. They live on solid wooden rafts and floating floats, which are located close together to form a land-based line. For the people of Vung Vieng, the boats are both means of transport and are the main means of livelihood of fishermen with fishing, fish farming ...

Vung Vieng is the place to attract thousands of tourists every day because of the beautiful scenery, clean and special still retain the pristine features of a traditional fishing village.

Hopefully, you have a wonderful time visiting these fishing villages in Halong Bay. Fishing villages in Halong Bay are some of the best around the world, and it is recommended that you visit at least one of them during your trip to the beautiful bay of Vietnam. May you have a wonderful trip in Vietnam! Share and like this article with others if you find it helpful. Thank you!