Top four budget cruises helping you save money

Top four budget cruises helping you save money

Halong Bay is one of the most famous destinations that tourists should not miss whenever taking a Vietnam tour.

It's undeniable that taking a cruise is the best way to explore this stunning bay. But, what are the best cruise ships there?

If you want to experience a luxury cruise but still save money, do not miss our suggestions below!

Top 4 budget cruises in Halong Bay

  1. Emeraude Cruise
  2. Oriental Cruise
  3. Halong Phoenix Cruise
  4. Victory Star Cruise

Emeraude cruise

This is one of the favorite yachts for the Halong tour of tourists. Emeraude is designed and decorated in the style of French architecture to create an elegant, refined and unique space on the yacht. The cruise is designed with hardwood floor, beadboard wall and the most comfortable beds in Halong Bay. The Emeraude Cruise is equipped with air conditioners, electricity, and other typical facilities of a luxury hotel. With the experience of admiring Halong Bay by Emeraude, visitors enjoy a very attractive experience of services on the ship such as bar, restaurant, squid fishing, or taking part in cooking classes.

Emeraude cruise

Captain's Suite

With nearly 17 square meters, the gate is spacious and comfortable and lined with bamboo carpet colonies. On the wall, the ancient maps will help you draw the line of the cruise through the karsts and islands of Halong Bay.

Emeraude Suite

The area with 19.5 square meters is large enough for a queen-size bed, large sofas and spaces for entertaining. Cream and blue colors create warmth and nostalgia. The terrace on the right and windows gives you a spacious view of the bay. In the outside, an adjacent area is a perfect place to enjoy a drink or relax and admire the scenery.

Paul Roque Suite

The cruise is named according to the original owner of Emeraude. At nearly 16 square meters in length, it is the smallest of three parts but very important. The floors have both sun loungers and relaxing chairs. The space on the upper floor is peaceful and comfortable. Inside, there are comfortable chairs, a rug, wallpaper and wide windows ensuring the great view.

Deluxe, Superior & Standard

Each room is equipped with all necessary amenities, from the air conditioner to warm-water shower. Finally, the biggest attraction is still outside the cabin door. Each room opens directly onto the floor. The superior room is located on the lower floor.

Rooms to relax

Space, privacy, and relaxation are the main topics of the cruise Emeraude. The aim is to provide real comfort at all times to enjoy the best scenery around.

Oriental Cruise

Oriental Cruise

Oriental Cruise was built in 2007 in Vietnamese traditional style. The cruise has 18 luxurious rooms which are equipped with modern facilities. The boat has wooden furniture and plenty of bay views, allowing tourists to admire Halong Bay anywhere on the boat, and the upper deck is the place where the diverse activities are organized such as squid fishing, or kayaking.

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Cabins system

The bedrooms are designed and equipped with modern international standard with a single purpose is to bring comfort as at home for tourists on board. However, the room does not lose the traditional features as the original design. The facilities of the room are made of wood with coloring brown and yellow, and the traditional designing parts of Vietnam such as lotus, paper propeller and winding grass patterns on the wall, which creates a harmonious and elegant picture. The bedrooms are also designed with large windows to allow visitors to enjoy the majestic scenery of Halong Bay. In addition, after a tiring day, the comfortable bed is soft to help visitors relax and have a good sleep.

Halong Phoenix Cruise

Halong Phoenix Cruise

The ship is designed in the modern style of the East with the materials which are mainly wood, which creates gentle, elegant and beauty and warm space. The Halong Phoenix Cruise is equipped with all facilities for every room such as air-conditioner, refrigerator, and services like a bar. The delicate furniture selected is made of silk and bamboo. They are very attractive and they help tourists feel the best relaxation in Halong Bay.


Halong Phoenix Cruise has staffs graduated from tourism training schools. They are enthusiastic and creative at work that helps ensure the process of serving customers the most effective.

Service quality

As being one of the pioneering service providers, the cruise has established long-term relationships with reputable suppliers and partners. Therefore, it is not only to ensure a competitive price but also to meet service standards.


It is important to ensure that the cruise meets all customers' needs, but they also contribute to protecting the environment of Ha Long Bay.

Victory Star Cruise

Victory Star is a yacht marking 5-star international standard with modern and luxurious quality. Luxury rooms are designed and decorated delicately and gently. They have a balcony system with immense sea view, giving tourists relaxing moments in Halong Bay. The ship also offers other attractive services such as 24/24 bar, spa on the yacht with sauna, Jacuzzi bathtub and massage service.

Victory Star Cruise

Terrace area

Open space, blue sky in Halong Bay. You will find comfort in the poetic scene that nature has given here. Relax on the couches that we have prepared for you to enjoy a fresh new day, enjoy the fresh juices and scent of the sea. When the sun was asleep, the sky was the sparkling night star. You gradually drown in the romantic moment with subtle lights and more wonderful when you choose for yourself a unique cocktail to taste the unforgettable memories.

Works on board & outdoors

Traditional Dragon Boat Rafting is an activity that we specially organize for all travelers staying overnight on Victory Star Cruises in the hope that visitors can approach the traditional culture of Vietnam closer...

In addition, swimming, diving, and kayaking are activities that make your journey more enjoyable. Being immersed in the blue water of the Pearl River, you will feel the peace and wonders that no sea has. You can also explore the caves and islands of Kayak by yourself, knowing that you will discover a lot of things that you never know. At night, let us dip into the music through songs and dances, which will help you get rid of everyday fatigue. In addition, you can also try to squeeze in ink and enjoy yourself with the results. If you are interested in the class, join us every morning, it is good for your health in the next journey.

Spa & Massage Services

On the Victory Star cruise, we are ready to devote your area to beauty and health care. All the space is designed and used traditional wood, we will help you relax and regain vitality. With many treatments, our specialists can advise and guide you in choosing the most appropriate care. For us relaxation and health care is the most important thing, so we always want you to feel better by our methods and therapies.

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