Top 3 interesting activities on Halong Bay cruises

Top 3 interesting activities on Halong Bay cruises

Halong Bay- one of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites is considered as the most attractive destination in Vietnam. Coming to Halong, tourists can book Halong Bay yachts or boats to enjoy the vacation. The three following activities are highly appreciated as the most interesting experiences by travelers when taking Halong boat tours

Enjoy the views on the yacht - The outstanding activity on your journey

Since Halong Bay became the pearl of tourism, many companies have operated tourism services here, especially the sightseeing service for tourists on the boat tour. The purpose is to help visitors admire Halong Bay in the best condition.

The benefits that a cruise gives tourists is the opportunity to relax on luxury yachts (from 3 to 5 star) in Halong Bay. You can view the beautiful islands, enjoy the delicious food and immerse yourself in the natural landscape around.

With the program of two days and a night, the sightseeing places will include Thien Cung grotto, Dau Go cave, fishing village, Titov island, kayaking (sightseeing places depending on the schedule of each type of yacht). On sunny days, you can swim in Titov island. White sands and blue water will help tourists feel relaxed.

Relaxing on a cruise ship

Relaxing on a cruise ship

Watching the sunset of Halong Bay is a memorable experience. The 4th floor of the yacht will welcome visitors with relaxed loungers with a cup of tea or cocktails while enjoying stunning sunset views over the bay. Attending cooking classes, doing exercises with the instructor and sunbathing in the morning, all are included in your boat tour.

Overnight on the boat

Although many hotels are built on the big islands of Halong Bay, the experience of staying overnight on a yacht in the middle of the vast ocean with wind and steam outside the bay will be amazing, especially for tourists who visit here for the first time.

Room on the yacht looks like a mini hotel room. A room is about 14 - 20m2, including 2 small rooms, 1 bedroom, a small 2 - 3m2 toilet. The rooms are fully equipped with individual items such as face towel, bath towel, soap, shower gel, comb, brush, toothpaste, shampoo. These items are replaced daily so you can be secure to use. However, if you are unfamiliar with those items, you should bring your personal belongings.

When arriving at the point to sleep overnight, the yacht will be anchored with a large chain and rope, so visitors will not have a sense of seasickness. Even when the yacht runs on the bay, it runs at a very slow speed so that visitors have time to look and capture the best pictures on the bay.

Halong Bay sunset

Halong Bay sunset

In the evening, Halong yachts often organize music shows to meet the tourists’ needs. This is the moment for travelers to relax with everyone and record their memories. Tourists can also look at the stars when the night falls, listen to the small sound in the darkness. It is time for visitors to feel the beauty of Halong Bay with the tranquil sea breeze and the breath of the sea at night.

Fishing on the boat

Fishing, especially night squid fishing, is a wonderful experience that nobody wants to miss when in Halong bay boat tours. This is the best way to learn about the local life of fishermen.

During the trip, visitors will not only enjoy the scenery of Halong Bay and the surrounding bays but also witness the way that local people catch fishes as well as listen to stories about their life experience.

At night, the crew of the cruise ship will install the water-light system. Tourists will be provided with a fishing rod and a net to start the luck with the night sea water on the bay. If you travel Halong in the breeding season of squids or fishes, you will have a "bumper" evening and full of laughter.

Squid fishing

Night squid fishing in Halong

Fishing on the boat is considered to be the most unique tourist activity to meet some of the fishermen here, learn a bit about local fishing tradition, and try to fish. The lucky one will have a meal with fresh and delicious squids that are fished. However, besides fishing squids, many tourists said that the feeling of sitting on the rail of the yacht and talking with other people to dispel the silence of the sky and sea is extremely interesting.

It is undeniable that taking part in activities on the yacht is the most interesting experience for tourists when visiting Halong Bay. If you want to get more information about Halong Bay tours, feel free to connect us via our website. Share this article if it is useful to you. Have a great trip!