Ba Hang fishing village - One of the most famous places you must see in Halong Bay

Ba Hang fishing village - One of the most famous places you must see in Halong Bay

Ba Hang Fishing Village is an attractive destination near Thien Cung Cave, in Halong Bay. Coming here, you can enjoy some of the most unique experiences that cannot be found anywhere else. The people here are also friendly and with that, the place will soon be one of the famous sites that the visitors will always go to when coming to Halong Bay.

Useful Information Ba Hang Fishing Village

  • One of the most attractive fishing villages in the Gulf of Thailand
  • Located right next to the Thien Cung Cave
  • The people here lead a simple life
  • Fishing activities by boat, or kayak
  • The cost of sightseeing tickets is 250k / person on the whole route from 1/4/2017
  •  Price is not divided into each point as before
  • Visitors can admire the scenery; learn about the lives of fishermen
  • Can participate in fishing
  • At night you can join squid fishing
  • Friendly and hospitable people
  •  The fishermen are very aware of environmental protection.

Some details about Ba Hang fishing village

Ba Hang fishing village

Ba Hang fishing village

A destination that attracts many domestic and foreign visitors to explore each year, Ba Hang fishing village is present in front of the visitors simple. Ba Hang small fishing village next to the beautiful natural beauty of Halong Bay is Thien Cung, after visiting Thien Cung Cave, visitors are usually extremely curious about this place that they want to discover it right away, this is also the destination of choice in the list and the main tour programs of many travel companies. When having a chance to come to Halong Bay and witness a simple life of the fishermen village here. Their life depends on the river.

The area of this house is only about 5 - 10m2. It is equipped with very simple tools, and living facilities, where the life of members of a small family takes places. With simple life, it seems to be difficult but when coming to this place the visitors can a lot of the friendly neighbours fishing their friendly smile. The optimistic smile is a great characteristic of the people in Ba Hang.

The life of the people here

In the fishing village of Ba Hang, only about 50 households live and they earn their living mainly by catching fish. Their life was recently improved, but up until then, it was quite hard for them. Because of the development in tourism by Quang Ninh Authorities, the fishing village develops tourism services for the visitors who come here. Many households have a better life when the tourism program in Halong is extended to visitors when they want to see the life of the fishing men here.

This is also the type of visitors are very excited to witness such a simple life so simple. Not only the visitors to this can see the life of traveling on the boat year-round throughout the month on the dangerous sea of casual fishermen, but the tourists are also able to admire the scenery of charming waters, and the people here.

Ba Hang fishing village

Visit Ba Hang fishing village

Experiences in Ba Hang fishing village

Attracting visitors to the local fishermen’s simple life along with charming scenery that is beautiful enough to move people, coming to this place, the visitors are extremely interested in each experience here. When you come here in the day you can enjoy the feeling of self-rowing through the rocky mountains to enjoy the majestic scenery here. Or the tourists can just simply sit relaxed on Halong cruise to admire the peaceful scenery around the place. Or you can go fishing with Ba Hang fishermen when the night begins to fall, this time visitors will have an enjoyable experience when you are able to use the net to catch the fishes yourself, it is a fact.

The activities are so interesting for the people who have never experienced sea life before and became attractive characteristics of the place. Alongside the exciting fishing experience, the Ba Hang fishing village offers a vast amount of other activities such as boat trips around the bay to explore and enjoy the beauty of Halong Bay.

The visitors can also stay for a night at the fishermen village to participate in other activities of the people here such as squid fishing at night or enjoy the fresh seafood here The taste is very special when they are newly caught, mixed with the taste of the sea, the cool sea breeze in the night, this will make the visitors’ memories of this place are extremely unforgettable. Coming to Halong Bay, you should not forget to go to Ba Hang Fishing Village to enjoy the feeling of being in such a special place.

The people in Ba Hang fishing village

When coming to Ba Hang fishing village, the visitors can not only enjoy the new natural scenery that touches the heart of people who come to this place, they are also impressed with the people in the fishing village. Although their daily lives are extremely hard, their lips are always happy to smile, and especially for tourists here, they are very friendly, hospitable. Not only that, the fishermen are very conscious of the environmental protection, they often collect garbage floating on the beach and as a community, they never dump the trash into the sea, as a part of their consciousness.

Ba Hang Village is a potential tourist spot within the area of Halong Bay. Right now, it is not that well-known, and the facilities are limited, but hopefully, with the right development and investment, Ba Hang Village will become the famous tourist spot that they strive to become. Also, the life of the poor but friendly fishermen here deserve to be improved, because they are hospitable and environment-conserving, which is a difficult trait to find these days.

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