All things you need to know about kayaking in Halong Bay

All things you need to know about kayaking in Halong Bay

There are many things that you should know about kayaking in Halong Bay. Coming to Halong Bay, you have to try kayaking, as this is one of the best activities in Halong Bay right now.

The amazing kayaking in Halong Bay

Together with Halong tours, the delegates come from many countries in the world, such as USA, UK, Australia, France, Spain, and Sweden enjoy kayaking. The scenery of the mountains, the water blends together into a blue color, the wind blowing from the sea cools the space on the luxury Halong yacht, dispel the heat of the summer. Enjoy the scenery of Halong Bay on the boat so that the visitors feel completely immersed in the unique natural space. Sitting on the deck sipping a glass of cold juice find yourself small in front of the majestic natural scenery.

Halong cruise through the limestone mountains is named after natural shapes such as fighting birds, roofs, islands ... In Halong Bay there are thousands of small limestone islands with different shapes and sizes standing in the middle of the blue clouds and waves.

The most exciting when the yacht is near the fishing village, the visitors are free to kayak or swim in the middle of the blue water. The beauty of nature through the unique and illuminated image of thousands of limestone islands, caves with stalactites in Halong Bay has fascinated many visitors. But to feel the fullness of the nature of Halong Bay, you have to explore all the cliffs under the thousands of waves rolling waves, or watching birds flocked on the rock cliffs and anchored to the stalactites. One thousand years old, the best way is to kayak. If you do not know how to swim, you can cross the water by using the small kayak.

Kayaking in Halong

Kayaking in Halong Bay

But with the guidance of the guide, we will find the boat is extremely simple and fun. Each kayak has two people rowing the paddle. At first, the rower might not be familiar, but when they are, then visiting the fishing village, watching the work of fishermen on the beach or admire the limestone islands at a close distance are some of the most amazing things to do. Rowing the paddle take the kayak boat near the foot of the rock to explore the new feeling is one of the favorite pastimes of visitors when in Halong Bay. When the kayak wandered through unnamed islands, you can see the beauty of the coral reefs, the tiny flocks of fish that floated up and swam across the ocean.

Other notable things

Kayaks are made of composite plastic, cast rubber or inflatable boats with oars. The islands like Hang Luon, Ba Dung Dao, Ba Ham, Dau Be, Hang Co ... are suitable places for kayaking tourists ... In low caves, if wanting to enter the cave as many guests have to lie on the boat to enter.

Kayaking through cave

Kayaking through cave

Especially when joining the night cruise on the bay many tourists enjoy the calm atmosphere of the sea. Finishing the trip, when we return to the boat, most people are excited and happy because they have had a fun experience. An afternoon on the boat is also an interesting time for visitors. The raw materials are prepared by the chefs including noodles, vermicelli, wood ear, carrot, spices, chicken egg, and rice noodles. The guide will show visitors how to make traditional Vietnamese cake if they want.

Friends from far away country, for the first time, is taught how to wrap rolls salad, which is a food that Vietnamese people love. As the sun rolls down, the sea is adorned with shimmering lights from the beautiful Halong cruise boats, and when the first rays of sunlight appear on the horizon signal us the end of the journey, which is full of exciting experiences with Halong Cruise. We can see it in the eyes a certain promise will also return to Halong Bay, the pride of natural Vietnam in the eyes of international friends.

Note: When kayaking, we may get wet, so you should wear bodywear or swimwear to paddle comfortably, take your camera with you for great moments, but you also have to be very careful because it is very susceptible to water. When participating in kayaking you will be equipped with a life jacket so it is safe to swim if you do not know how to swim. Wish you have a happy and meaningful holiday Halong.

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