Bo Nau cave - a must-visit spot in Halong Bay

Bo Nau cave - a must-visit spot in Halong Bay

Bo Nau cave is one of the beautiful caves in Halong Bay. This place is an inspiration for many photographers because of its beauty. Therefore, it is not difficult for you to recognize the famous photos of this cave.

However, what contained in it is more than that. If you have the opportunity to travel to Halong, you should not miss this place.

In this article, we will provide you with all the information and beauty of the Bo Nau cave. Let's dig into it!

Where is Bo Nau cave?

About 2-3 km southeast of Trong Mai islets is Bo Nau cave. From Bai Chay port to Bo Nau cave is about 13 km. The cave has a shape of a frog jaw, about 200 m2 wide. The cave bottom is wide, flat but not deep, and the wall has countless stalactites.

Bo Nau is a cave in the heart of Bo Nau island in Halong Bay, surrounded by cave populations such as Sung Sot cave, Luon cave, Titop island, Trong cave, and Trinh Nu cave.

The name of Bo Nau cave

No one knows when the name of Bo Nau cave was set. Previously, some people believed that in the old days, there were many pelican birds living and staying here.

In the mornings, they flew all over the sky, and in the afternoon, they parked in the cave. So, the fishers in this area call this cave Bo Nau. The word Bo Nau is a local word, deviated from Bo Nong (or pelican birds).

Traveling to Bo Nau cave

Traveling to Bo Nau cave

The beauty of Bo Nau cave

Cave door

Bo Nau belongs to the form of an ancient underground limestone cave. According to some documents of the French and the Vietnamese press in the early twentieth century, Bo Nau cave was one of the beautiful landscapes of the bay and an attractive address for tourists on a Halong Bay day tour at that time.

There are cracks in the ceiling so light can pass through it. The bottom of the cave tightened. In front of the cave is an island so the light in the cave is not too harsh.

The cave has three stone slabs shaped like three fairies. Two of them are like playing chess and the remaining is the referee.

From a distance, the door of Bo Nau has an arched shape, looming in the sea. Under the ceiling do stalactites hang down with many fancy shapes. Each stalactite strip is a work of "art sculpture of nature". Some strips are like a basket of orchids blooming, some are like a pair of flying phoenixes, and the others are like a pair of red silk, etc.

Inside the cave

Deep inside the cave, you'll feel like getting lost on the big stage. Above the ceiling of the cave is nine soft stone curtains intertwined with each other like being crafted by silk. On the two sides of the cave walls are props, musicians, dancers depicted in slate, passionately playing.

Through the first compartment to the second one, the structure is like a narrow sky. In the middle of the cave is a large slab of stone, on which there are three fairies playing chess.

The beauty of Bo Nau cave

The beauty of Bo Nau cave

Looking to the right wall, in the glimmer of light, countless strips of stalactites like waterfalls digging. And the left wall of the cave is made of natural stones, stacked on each other. Through the thin, floating mist and the sound of the drops of water dripping down, it feels like we can hear every step of the fairies walking in the clouds to the sky.

Bo Nau cave is known early to nature lovers by the famous photo taken from inside the cave. In front is the stalactites, and in the distance is the undulating green mountain range, containing the mysteries. It has been published in many books and newspapers.

The historical value of Bo Nau cave

During the years of anti-American resistance war, Bo Nau cave and Sung Sot cave were among the places to stop, gather forces, vehicles, and weapons of the "Number-free Boats" on the majestic sea.

Bo Nau cave contains aesthetic and interesting values ​​bestowed by nature. At the same time, it also brings many cultural and historical values ​​created by generations of Vietnamese people. This is truly a wonderful picture of nature and fascinating culture of Halong Bay.

Bo Nau cave is indeed a majestic paradise on the dreaming beauty of Halong Bay. If you have a chance to visit here, don’t miss out on traveling to the cave. For further information about Halong Bay luxury cruises, feel free to contact us or visit our website. Please like and share the article with others if you find it useful. Thank you.