Ban Chan beach is an ideal destination in Halong Starlight cruise 2D1N which is truly a place for those who want to escape the hustle and bustle of the big city. This is where there is harmony with nature, its landscape is definitely a unique masterpiece.

About Ban Chan beach

Ban Chan beach, also known as Foot beach, is a small sandy beach on Ban Chan island, Halong Bay. It is definitely an “off the beaten track” where it almost keeps the pristine beauty. The island is nearly untouched by human intervention and unchanged by time, it owns a small beach and green bushes surrounding by the jewel-colored seawater. The beach stretches for a kilometer, making it an ideal location for a waterside stroll.

Ban Chan beach is surrounded by the limestone cliffs as if they are acting as watchmen across the region. The steep cliff faces are painted with casuarina pine trees with evergreen foliage but another fiber in the rich structure of the Halong Bay natural ecosystem.

When to visit

It is possible to visit Halong Bay in summer, autumn and even winter. Summer in Halong Bay is quite humid and hot, it is really suitable for swimming in the azure water of Ban Chan beach. In the autumn, the weather is cooler but still warm enough to enjoy swimming and water activities. The temperature can drop at 18 Celsius degrees, it is dry and the water is calm. So, it is considered the best time to visit Ban Chan beach.

Ban Chan beach

Ban Chan beach

Described as the primitive land, it is one of the rare places where you should go to do nothing but contemplate the wild landscape. It is so wonderful to take a walk along the coastline and swim in the crystal-clear water.

Cruise to visit Ban Chan beach

With the increasing number of visitors to Halong Bay every year, there are many new travel companies that appear to meet the increasing demand. However, only a few cruises with routes will take you to Ban Chan beach. Among them are the Halong Bay Royal Wings Cruise, Garden Bay Legend Cruise, Garden Bay Luxury Cruise, and Garden Bay Premium Cruise.

Ban Chan beach is a beautiful and primitive beach on Ban Chan island, Halong Bay. It is so great to take a cruise to have fun and enjoy the beauty of this beach.