Experience one day of farmers on Quan Lan island

Caring, then harvesting vegetables and fruits... are the exciting experiences that each visitor get when participating in the program " Experience one day of farmers on Quan Lan Island" at Quan Lan island commune, Van Don.

Join the program to experience a day of  farmers on the island, visitors will become real farmers when local farmers directly guidance technique of planting, taking care of and harvesting fresh vegetable products on the island. The extraordinary thing that visitors extremely excited is opportunity to enjoy the fresh vegetable products harvested themselves and take photographs with green vegetable garden along with extremely vivid miniatures here.

It is quite impressive that visitors' addresses attending the farmers' day program on the island are saved so that the local farmers can give vegetables visitors grew at garden after harvesting to the hands of visitors. In the bustling life, a vacation or an experience or peaceful moments to temporarily forget  the trouble of life is a dream of many tourists when traveling.

Quan Lan not only attracts tourists by the unspoiled natural scenery, a system of beautiful peaceful beaches with blue water, white sand, but also pays attentions of visitors by the island exploring programs with local fishermen and farmers. One day of farmers on the island would be an interesting experience for tourists coming to this beautiful island.

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