Steamed squid with guava leaves - a unique dish in Halong

What you should eat when traveling to Halong? - This is one of those questions attracting attentions of the tourists when preparing to have visit to this fascinating sea city. A suggestion is squid dishes because the squid is one of the very famous specialties in Halong Bay. In which, it is said that steamed squid with guava leaves is the most unique and delicious dish. You will be surprised by the salty flavor of squids mixed with typical taste of guava leaves, which gives an unforgettable impression to the guests after enjoying.


Steamed squid with guava leaves
If you have the opportunity to participate in Halong bay cruise tours, you should take the time to try this famous steamed squid with guava leaves. Squids which are selected to steam are fresh pink, smooth skin and remain characteristic smell of fresh seafood. It is not too complicated to process the dish. Squids are cleaned and cut black ink pocket, and liver. For a delicious steamed squid dish with guava leaves, chef adds tamarind juice or dracontomelon duperreanum juice on the steamer.


Squids are selected to steam
In the steamer, put a layer of guava leaves to seperate water in the bottom part and squids, then putting squids, the small above the big below. Finally, guava leaves are covered above the squids and steaming is started in high heat without any spices. When squids change purple color that means you can enjoy them, it takes about 10 minutes to cook. This dish can be eaten with rice and ginger chilli sauce. Acrid flavor of guava leaves with the sweetness of squids mixed the sour of dracontomelon duperreanum juice and spicy flavor of chilli will make a special flavor for this unique dish.
Halong steamed squid with guava leaves is one of the tasty dishes tourists always wish to enjoy here. If given the opportunity to travel to Halong, let's taste this simple dish with very unique flavors.