With beautiful unspoiled natural scenery, Cat Dua island or Cat Ba Monkey island has become a bright spot of Cat Ba tourism.

Every year, Cat Dua welcomes many visitors. Although the island service is not plentiful enough to meet the high demand of tourists, it is the ideal destination for travelers' journey to Cat Ba.

Where is Monkey Island?

Monkey island is about 1 km away from Cat Ba town. To get to Monkey island, tourists often take a boat from Beo pier, which takes about 10 minutes to go through Cai Beo fishing village and many small islands to the destination.

The unique name of Monkey island

Previously, Monkey island called Cat Dua island (Pineapple island) because there are many wild pineapple trees on the island but cannot be eaten. People going fishing often pick up and soak them with water as a cooling drink or dry them as medicine to treat diabetes.

The monkeys on the island

The monkeys on the island

Currently, the island is often called the Monkey island. The reason is that more than 20 monkeys are living on the island. They usually go to the beach to play with tourists, eat food fed by them like bananas, apples, tangerines, candies, etc. Funny monkeys playing and climbing have created an impression for those who have come here. Gradually, people call this Monkey island.

Where to experience

Monkey island has a circumference of about 3 km. It is a mountain-shaped island with sandy beaches formed for over millions of years. Waves and wind bring sand, rocks, corals, shells of snails, shrimps, crabs, etc. to the foot of the mountain to form sandy beaches stretching for kilometers.

In the summer, when the beaches in Cat Ba town become more crowded, Monkey island is the ideal place for tourists who want to avoid the noise on beaches. Monkey island is a place for visitors traveling in groups or families because in here, people will have more space and looking after their children will become easier.

The beach is quite unspoiled, so tourists often come here to rest and swim. Every year, Monkey island welcomes many visitors. Foreign tourists coming here admit that the scenery at Monkey island is impossible to find anywhere else, very suitable for ecotourism development.

Monkey island attracts a lot of visitors to swim every year

Monkey island attracts a lot of visitors to swim every year

Cat Dua 1 beach

Monkey island has 2 arc-shaped beaches that are Cat Dua 1 beach and Cat Dua 2 beach. In which, Cat Dua 1 beach is more extended, and there are military barracks stationed. It is an ideal swimming spot for tourists when traveling to Cat Ba because the sea here is clear and incredibly green.

The facility here includes a leaves-roof restaurant so that visitors can sit to catch the sea breeze, drink, and eat ice cream, etc., along with some services for tourists such as renting bathing suits, buoys, kayaks, etc.

Cat Dua 2 beach

Cat Dua 2 beach is located on the right-hand side, hidden behind a tiger-shaped cliff. The beach has a garden of several hundred square meters with plants such as wild pineapples, Chinese banyan, white apple tree, etc., and many different types of birds.

When coming to Monkey island, some tourists who like to explore can climb up to the middle of the mountain, even up to the top to zoom out and take a panoramic view of Lan Ha Bay with hundreds of large and small islands growing up on the clear blue water, dotted with white sandy beaches far away from the eye.

Where to stay

The bungalows of Monkey Island Resort

The bungalows of Monkey Island Resort

Currently, visitors can come to Monkey island and stay at Monkey Island Resort in Cat Dua beach 2.

The accommodation has 30 rooms built in the style of bungalows. Each house is a room equipped with air conditioning, hot and cold shower, television, electric fan, and free Wifi, etc.

Monkey Island resort is really an ideal place for you to relax, swim, kayak, play football, volleyball, billiards, and enjoy the delicious seafood in the restaurant right next to the idyllic beach.

Where to eat

The restaurant is located next to the beach and in front of it is a beautiful garden where you can enjoy Vietnamese or Western food. You can sit here to drink, wait for the sunset in the afternoon, or watch thousands of stars in the evening.

Tourists can play volleyballs and other sport on Monkey island

Tourists can play volleyballs and other sport on Monkey island

With the wild beach and mischievous monkeys on the island, Cat Ba Monkey island is a special place for those who love the beauty of nature, want to be close to animals, and experience new sensations yet equally impressive.