If Halong Bay is the garden of natural castles in the world, Cua Van fishing village is truly a unique wonder of the fishermen. Cua Van fishing village has been included in the list of 16 most beautiful ancient villages in the world by Journeyetc.com tourism website (2012).

Cua Van fishing village is in Hung Thang commune, Halong city, about 20km from the tourist pier. These houses are floating on the water and located in a calm sea area, surrounded by majestic limestone mountains named Van Gia - Cua Van.

The fishing village is located far from the shore like the valleys in the sea. There are many small and lovely raft houses which are adjacent. No loud car horn like in the city, Cua Van only has the sound of fishermen calling each other and the boat chattering, etc.

The extremely romantic scenery here will surely leave a deep impression in the minds of tourists when traveling to the village. Boats, as well as floating houses decorated with eye-catching colors, have created an exciting image on the bay.