Near the Sapa center, about 2km away from the Fansipan peak, Cat Cat village is an ideal destination for all visitors. This village is an ideal ecotourism area, convenient for traveling, watching the Hoang Lien Son mountain range and learning the local culture.

Location of Cat Cat village

Cat Cat village is located in San Sa Ho commune, Sapa district, Lao Cai province, near Sapa town center. The village is located in the small valley, is an ideal place to help you learn and explore the cultural life of H'Mong people. This village is home to H’mong people. In order to explore the village, you have to walk about 4 km around the corner of the village.

Cat Cat village

Cat Cat village

Explore the beauty of Cat Cat village

Current passenger cars cannot move into the village because the roads are small and dangerous, visitors must walk from the parking point to the village for about 1 km. When you come to the village, you must buy an entrance ticket, each ticket is 50,000 VND / person. On both sides of the road, there are shops selling brocades. The H'Mong people are very honest, not deceitful, selling at the right price.

Cat Cat village was formed in the 19th century and up to now, people here still preserve intact traditional crafts such as planting flax, growing cotton, weaving cloth, etc. Into Cat Cat village, tourists can directly visit the traditional crafts here.

Tourists will take a look at each stage to make a perfect brocade product. Brocades made by Mong people mainly have 4 main colors: green, red, white, yellow and many beautiful shapes and patterns.

The products made of copper, silver, and aluminum are very popular here. Visitors can find and buy some jewelry such as necklaces, bracelets, rings, earrings, etc.

In addition, they also cultivate and raise livestock and poultry. The products they sell to tourists are mainly brocades and jewelry.

Cat Cat Waterfall, also known as Tien Sa Waterfall, is one of the beautiful tourist destinations in Sapa.

The waterfall is located near Cat Cat village, so visitors often visit the waterfall when visiting this beautiful village. From a distance, visitors can also hear the murmur of the stream. The closer you get, the more fierce the sound is.

The soaring high waterfall flows down and makes the foam white. Around the waterfall, trees are green, forest flowers show off, creating a very poetic setting. In the cool days, coming here to watch the waterfall is nothing more wonderful.

Cat Cat village

Cat Cat village

Enjoy the specialties of Cat Cat village

Arriving somewhere, in addition to sightseeing the scenery, visitors also look for specialties there to enjoy. Visitors to Cat Cat village will have the opportunity to taste many delicious dishes of the Northwest such as thang co, hard-smoked bacon, men men, peanuts, bamboo shoots.

In addition to food, Cat Cat villagers also process many delicious drinks, suitable for the cold atmosphere in Sapa such as corn wine and apple wine. Fragrant wine combined with delicious food is enough to make visitors fall in love with this place.

If there is a chance to go to the northwest of Vietnam, specifically Sapa; visitors must visit Cat Cat village to experience the interesting things there.