Where to enjoy seafood in Halong

In addition to sightseeing landscapes and exploring daily life of fishermen, enjoying fresh seafoods is one of experiences you do not ignore when traveling to Halong. The below is 4 destinations you should know to try delicious fresh seafoods with the best price in Halong tours.

1. Cruises

Seafood is served on cruises

                                                                   Seafood is served on cruises

Cruise is the first selection of tourists to visit the bay, but someone chooses seaplane to see Halong overview. To explore all caves and views of Halong bay tourists will have to be on cruise all day, so the cruise is an ideal place to enjoy seafoods. Depending on tour price and time tourists will eat different dishes including lemongrass steamed scallop, fried squid, grilled ngan, steamed spider-crab, tamarind fried snails, lobster...However, these dishes are quite expensive when served on cruises.

2. Cai Dam market

Far 3km from Bai Chay, Cai Dam market with full of seafoods is a popular destination to enjoy seafoods. The seafoods’ price is cheap, tourists can buy here and then bring to restaurant to taste them. 

Seafood at Cai Dam market                                                                   Seafood at Cai Dam market

3. Ben Doan street

For tourists familiar to Halong, Ben Doan is really an ideal places to try seafoods. From entrance, you are attracted by flavor of grilled shrimps, grilled spider-crabs and grill snails, etc. It is an interesting experience when both feeling cool wind flow from sea and trying delicious seafoods with suitable price.

4. Pontoon boat

Besides above traditional destinations, tourists can choose to try seafoods on  a pontoon boat. This is a new model with design of mini floating restaurant on the sea. Here, you are served seafood types caught directly under sea with the high quality. 

On vacation, if you do not know where to travel, let’s book Halong bay tours. It is sure that you will have a wonderful holiday in this stunning and peaceful bay with variety of delicious seafood.